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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cover Wars: July 2011


  1. I love Vogue Italia for that cover! I first saw the on Facebook and think that it just has so much punch to it. Eno why DOES everyone have to be stick thin, etc etc... You've been to Buca di Beppo in LA right? Well, they have black and white pictures of women in bathing suits eating loads and loads of spaghetti and the womanly figure is praised in many of those types of pictures. How did the public allow the definition of beauty to get so twisted?? [sorry about the rant]...

    Emma and Emma look soooo unlike their previous pictures! Personally, I loved the red hair on Emma Stone! It had spunk and made her shway different from the rest of blonde Hollywood.. Still lovely though.

  2. I love Emma Watson and Jen Aniston, but I must say, the best cover is the Vogue Italia cover. Even though I'm not a fan of black and white photographs (they make even the simplest picture taken by an amateur look "deep"), this cover is truly amazing. It belongs in an art gallery more than on the front page of a magazine :p

  3. I love all these magazine covers! I subscribe to a lot of these magazines and they're absolutely fantastic and I get a lot of inspiration from them!

  4. Hi Aline, nice blog you have. I love the Vogue italian cover, it has been a bit everywhere on the Internet in the past days. It's a beautifully proportioned, balanced and artistic picture. If you like italian fashion check my blog.


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