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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shoe Challenge #5: Finally

Titled "Finally" for many reasons:
1. My laptop died over 3 weeks ago and I FINALLY got it back yesterday.
2. I'm finally able to download my pictures on to said lovely laptop to work on proper posts.
3. A shoe challenge post is finally up.
4. Finally found a way to wear these wedges (full story below).


WHAT: Stripy white and green wedges from Payless Shoes.
WHEN: Sunday, May 7th, 2011
WHERE: Dad's Birthday lunch,
WITH:  T-shirt: H&M/ Cardigan: Target/ Bag: Bershka/ Jeans: Levis/ Necklace: Swarovski/ Bangle +Sunglasses: Vintage/ rings: Zinad Chahine

These shoes are one of my favorite shoes; they're wedges, they're green (my favorite color) and SUPER comfy.You'd think I'd wear them every chance I get, right?
Wrong. I bought these back in 2008 for like 8$ at some sale at Payless shoes in Los Angeles.
I remember the day pretty well. There was a restaurant my cousin and I really wanted to visit but they had a 40 minute wait. We decided to go to the payless shoe store down the block to kill time. I saw these babies and just had to have them! In the three years that I've owned these shoes, I think I've worn them a total of three times.
They're one of those shoes that don't go with everything in your wardrobe. (Even though these are green and my closet is full of green, but not this shade of green..)


Happy (oh so late) Birthday :)

It was my dad's birthday three weeks ago, and we went out for a casual lunch with the fam.
I felt like wearing my wide leg jeans, which only work with wedges/heels, I decided to give the stripy wedges a try and I think they work with the outfit...

Yes, no, maybe?? Let me know what you think!!

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  1. Great blog! :)

    If you follow me and comment saying you did, I'll follow you back! xoxo

  2. I love Payless! Thanks for stopping by The CFP~Meredith

  3. i am following you on your new blog now :) thanks for the comment shoes ;)

  4. Love the colors! and those rings are really cool!
    this shoe challenge it´s a great idea, i´m thinking to do the same but with my earrings/necklaces, ;)


  5. Those wedges are adorable, how can you go wrong with green and stripes?

  6. They look so cute and go really well with the rest of the outfit!

  7. Awesome sunglasses and outfit. I love it a lot. Specially your shoes :)


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