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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Carpet: Met Gala 2011

Last night the Met Gala was held at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The night was a tribute to the late designer, Alenxander McQueen. The Met Gala is regarded as the "Oscars" of the fashion world. The pressure is on for all those invited to show up in an amazing costume (or gown). The looks of the night ranged from simple to wow to over the top. With some interpreting the "costume" part literally.

I had this awesome plan of covering ALL the lovely gowns and dresses of the met gala . But last night there was an amazing anti-racism event by the UNESCO club of my university (which I'm a part of), so I spent most of my day running around making sure everything was a o-kay for the event. Everything worked out and it was a great succes, we had an amazing turn out (so many people came, we had to get more chairs... until we ran out and people were sitting on the floor!). Anyhoo, so after everything was over I had to stay and clean up bla bla bla. I got home pretty late and super tired. As I fell asleep I thought "yeah, tomorrow... I'll write the post, let me sleep" zZzZzZ.
Today, I checked out the photos. Suddenly, the number of photos was overwhelming and I realized there's NO WAY I could cover everything. So I decided that I'm going to stick to a couple of my favorites :)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Alexander McQueen.
When I read "SJP in Alexander McQueen", I had a flashback to a couple of years ago when Sarah wore that half scottish half tulle, McQueen creation to the Met Gala. It was the monster child of  two very pretty dresses. I remember the picture of her with Alexander McQueen, and I remember how people trashed that dress.  That image just made me smile but feel sad at the same moment. It just reminded me of how much I miss Alexander McQueen. Some of you might think I'm beeing dramatic, and maybe it is a little dramatic. It's not like McQueen and I were buddies who went out for a beer or anything. But when I was younger and still getting into this whole "fashion thing", he was one of the first designers who caught my eye and I fell in love with his designs. So you can say he hols a very special place in my heart :)
Wow, I talk a lot.
Back to THIS dress. I love it. Long sleeves, again :D
Archive McQueen, I can't argue against it. Nope.

Ashely Olsen in vintage Christian Dior.
Mary Kate Olsen in vintage Givenchy couture.
The puffy sleaves might be a bit too puffy, but I really like this gown on Ashley. But I liked Mary Kate's Givenchy long sleeved gown better. It's very "costume gala" but still very "boho".. if that makes sense to you :P Long sleeved gowns/dresses are my favorite, so I might be slightly biase in my choice for "favorite olsen look".
Diana Agron in Michael Kors.
hmmm., does she look good? yes.
Is this what I have in mind when one says "MET GALA"? No.
But I still like it. Sorta reminds me of the Emilio Pucci gown that Jada Smith wore once.
but I guess that's just the neckline..
Just look at that train, wow.

Ashley Greene in Donna Karan.
The look from the back is so pretty, I had to show it first. Now on to the front. The tulle looks amazing! I can just see all hand stitching for the beading of the dress. Yes, I might be seeing Cinderella's little birdies and mice working on this dress.
so pretty :)
Emma Stone in Lanvin
What caught my attention was Emma's makeup, perfection. The pink lipstick looks amazing on her!
On to the dress: It's been a while since I've liked a Lanvin red carpet look... so I was very pleased to see this lovely floral gown by Lanvin.

Rihanna's braid. (she was wearing Stella McCartney )
Her dress, blukh. I don't want to comment on it. You can see it here.
HER HAIR! omg, I'm a little girl again imagining a princess. Her hair is so "fairtale", and I adore it! Plus, the green earrings contrast amazingly against her red hair :)

Michelle Williams in Miu Miu
You don't need to be know it all fashionista to realise this is Miu Miu.
I have to say, I hate birds, they freak me out and poop on my car whenever I wash it... but Miu Miu has this ability to make me go "AWW" when I see their birdy designs.
I had an "AWW" moment when I saw this dress. This is quite the departure from the disaster that was the Valentino gown. I'm glad to see that  Michelle is looking good on the red carpet again, yeay!

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu
HUBBA HUBAA, I totally don't swing that way and I am in not shape or form hitting on/checking out Diane.
This is SUCH A SEXY LOOK, but in a classy and elegant way. (Which bi.the.way. is the best type of sexy!).Note the long sleeved-nes :D The gold and black combination, the sinched in wait, the suppeeerr high slit and the amazing old school hair? win.


  1. i hated the Olsen's twins and Rihanna dresses, the rest looked gorgeous on the red carpet. tks for the follow, i'm following you too :)

  2. Our favorite was Diane Kruger in Jason Wu!



  3. My favourites: Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Greene, Michelle Williams and Diane Kruger!

  4. Love all the dresses, great post :)

  5. The Donna Karen dress is STUNNING and ofcourse SJP in Alexander McQueen.
    Also, Diane Kruger looks better in that Jason Wu dress than the model does!
    And I hardly recognized Emma Stone with blonde hair but I must say she looks really good. I know she’s had blonde hair before but we got used to her being a red-head I suppose

  6. Did you know that Emma is actually a blonde, but she went red to be "Different"... I like her better as a red, but she pulls of the blonde too :)


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