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Saturday, May 7, 2011

P&G's Surprise

Last Thursday I was invited to an event by P&G (via Leo Burnett). The only thing I knew about the event was that it would be a launch of the world's number 1 skincare product. It was a surprise launch, and the brand was kept under wraps.

[ image via Fustany ]

I arrived at the Sursock Palace, it was my first time there, and it was breathtaking. The palace entrance was decorated with beautiful little candals. For a second, I couldn't believe I was actually attending an event there.
The night began with welcome drinks, and then guests were ushed to their seats infront of the stage where the "surprise" was going to be announced. *Drum role* The big surprise was the launch of the Olay Total Effects in Levant and soon in June it will also launch in Egypt. It was also revealed that Nadine Labaki was going to be the face of this product.

[ image via Loryne Atoui ]
I had guessed that the product was going to be Olay, but I didn't know that Nadine Labaki was going to be the face of it, and that she was going to be at the same event as me. I had a little "omg celebrity" moment when Nadine walked down the stairs and onto the stage. I'm usually not a big fan of Lebanese "celebrities" but Nadine is one of the very few that I love and respect. She is a Lebanese director and actress, famous for her role in "Bosta" and  film "Caramel". I first saw her in "Bosta" and thought she was amazing. Seeing her walk past me, was unbelievable.
[ image via Loryne Atoui ]

[image via Fustany ]

Back to Olay! It's an amazing creme that works wonders and helps with fighting aging, and it's finally going to be officially available in Lebanon and the region.
[ image via Loryne Atoui Flickr ]

The event was a great success, with great music, food and people.
Thank you P&G!

Ps. Thank you so much to Loryne Atoui for the photos!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing your experience.~Meredith

  2. Hi Aline, wow!love the pictures, the place is beautiful! thank you for sharing.


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