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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missoni for Target

You guys probably heard/read by now that Missoni is designing a collection for Target. It will be ranging from clothing (men, women and children) to home decor. No images of the collection have been released yet, but I'll definitely keep you posted when they come out.
I'm not the biggest fan of Missoni, but I'm a fan of big designers collaborating with Target (and other stores.). 
The Missoni collection will be released on September 13, which is awesome because I'LL BE IN THE STATES!! I usually miss the releases of big design+ store collaborations, but no, not this time!
I'm so camping outside Target to get my hands on a couple of things. 
Now if only Zac Posen or Mulberry re-release another line for Target when I'm there... then I'd be super dee-duupper excited. 
Which reminds me, what are your favorite designer collaborations?

Mine include:
Zac Posen for Target, Moschino for Target, Lanvin for H&M, and Mulberry for Target.


  1. I was really excited when I heard about Missoni collaborating for Target, and I can't wait to see what looks they will create!!


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