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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bras for a Cause

From the people who brought to you "One Wig Stand" in collaboration with Fustany (.com), a new  fahsionable cause is in town... Bras for a Cause.
This is not just another Breast Cancer awareness campaign, ok maybe to a certain exrtent it is, but it's a creative and fashionable form of Breast Cancer awareness.
it consist of a bra design competition, which will be launched on May 19, 2011, followed by a fashion show and other surprises that "will be announced soon".

The Competition is divided into five categories.

The "Designer Piece" - exclusive for established fashion designers in the region.

The "Her Bra" - open to anyone interested  in designing a bra specifically with a breast cancer survivor in mind.

The "Everybody Wants Me" - open to anyone, bras designed for all women.

The " Training Bra" open for emerging fashion designers

The "Such a Tee-s" open for graphic designers, illustrators, or anyone interested in designing an awesome breast cancer awareness t-shirt!!r
I'm really excited to be an ambassador for this event because it's a great initiative by the fashion community to raise awareness for this very important cause..
Especially that it incorporates something that most women love (fashion), with something that every woman needs (bra) to raise awareness about an issue that has a great impact on women's lives (breast cancer)... all the while encouraging creativity and the exposure of new talent.

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