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Monday, April 4, 2011

Orange Carpet: Kid's Choice Awards 2011

Miley Cyrus in Dolce and Gabbana
 You know the apocalypse is very close when I start a red carpet post with "Miley Cyrus looks GREAT". Yup, she might even be considered best dressed in my opinion... or at least most improved.
Victria Justice in THEIA
  This dress is very shiny and colorful. At a closer inspection you get to see the color of the sequins; yellow, green, blue, purple... great combination. Apart from that, there really is nothing special to this look.

Taylor Momsen in PANTS!!!!!!

 Dear Taylor Momsen,
thank you for wearing pants.
ps. Next time, let's try and tone down the raccoon make up, hooker platforms, and the crappy extensions ok?

Selena Gomez in Christian Cota
Love the color of the shoes with the rest of the outfit. All in all a very summery and kids' choice award look.
After looking at Taylor Momsen, she really looks "fresh" and clean doesn't she?
Heidi Klum in Gucci
 HUBA HUBA look at those shoes!!! I want them so badddddd!!!! They're by Jimmy Choo. The dress is pretty too, cool LBD, but don't you feel like you've seen it at H&M?? (or atleast something VERY similar?)
Miranda Cosgrove in Miu Miu
  Very cute dress, the color contrasts so well with the orange carpet. Love the make up, especially the red lips. One problem.. the shoes! Bad choice, very bad.

Paris Hilton in Opening Ceremony. Nikki Hilton in Proenza Schouler
 Paris Hilton in a turtle neck, I find this amuzing. Remember the outfits she used to show up in before? Yeah, scary to remember. Aren't you glad she decided to "change her image" and be all proper? (*COUGH taylor momsen *COUGH*). Her outfit is proper, but very bluh. I do like her sister's dress, don't think it looks good on her.. but still very cute dress.

Keke Palmer in Ina Soltani
 Hey keke, may I please borrow that bag? PLEASE!

Sophia Vergara jeans+tank+heels combo

I don't think I've ever seen Sophia in jeans! (I don't watch Modern Family so don't know if she wears them there) I'm so used to seeing her in sexy gowns. Very refreshing to see her in this casual, but still sexy look. I really love the navy top with the silver detail!

[Images via Red Carpet Fashion Awards ]


  1. Selena Gomez is so cute, I love her sense of fashion.

  2. I really love your choices! much better than some other bloggers' choices, that's for sure! I want Heidi Klum's shoes now. Just saying!

  3. Taylor Momsen... We get it. You're edgy and you tie ur boyfriend up to the bed before you do the nasty nasty...we get it!

    Now try something different! Sheesh.

  4. Amazing post and gorgeous blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  5. Sofia Vergara is drop dead gorgeous !


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