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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nails of the Week

Fresh nails this week. I literally just painted them :D
You guys probably know by now that the biggest color this spring is ORANGE! I decided to bring that trend to my nails.
Orange nails have also been poping up in this year's spring fashion campaigns, like Dior's spring campaign featuring Karlie Kloss and shot by Steven Meisel.

[ image source: Fashion Gone Rogue ]

Now bright orange nails have been a trend for the past two to three summers, and I wasn't really a fan of the popular shade of orange (bright eye-hurting orange). But because this specific shade of OMORANGE is very popular in Lebanon, I was a bit conscerned with finding the right shade of orange (you know, like normal bright not "I need sunglasses they're so bright" bright.. ).

 I picked up a bottle of "Picco 26". (Picco is bottled in Lebanon, it costs a $1). The shade wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but because it only cost a buck I thought "what the heck.. I'll give it a try". And I have to say, it's not so bad. I tried it out when I first bought it last month, and it lasted three days without chipping. Which is quiet a record for me, especially for a varnish that cost a buck!
It applies nicely and I only needed two coats to get to a good shade of orange. My only problem is
the finish, you HAVE to apply a topcoat ot preserve the color and shine.
(I didn't do this the first time, so the color wasn't as pretty on the third day.)

 This isn't the first time I use Picco. This one time I was out, I had just gotten a french manicure and I was all happy, but being the clutz that I am when it comes to nails... I got them ruined while I was on my way (I think it was somewhere important) . I couldn't go back to the manicurist to fix it so I ran to the nearest supermarket to try and find a similar shade to fix my clutzy mistake. They only had Picco, and it was on sale for 1,000LL (66 cents), I bought it. I just needed it to blend with the rest of the nails and last the night. It ended up lasting more than the other nails, even my OPI colored pinky.

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