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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm saving up to get...

 a Balenciaga bag!!!
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or know me in person, you should be aware by now of my obsession with Balenciaga bags. Whenever I see someone holding it, I just stare at the bag, at times scaring the owner (I mean no harm!). It annoys me to no end whenever I see someone with a Balenciaga and they’re abusing it (How dare they!), they throw it around like it’s some random bag (oh it's ok, my papiii will get me a new one, betch). I sound very dramatic don’t I? Well that should give you an idea of how much I love Balenciaga bags.
They cost more than a grand a pop (the bigger the more expensive, some even hitting the 25K mark, yikes). I obviously don't have that kinda money to spend on a BAG (well at least until I get a job. hint hint.). So I've decided I'm going to save until I can get me a Balenciaga. A couple of problems arise with this decision. A) I need to find a job so I can actually save. B) Lets hypothetically say I got the money, which bag should I get?? C) This will probably take a while (getting the money and deciding :P) but I don't care how long it's going to take me. I'm getting myself this bag with my own money!! Who cares if I'll be 30 by that time :P
Here are a couple of my favorites. Since I'll be spending so much, I might as well get something sensible, but my style isn't "sensible" so I can't really eliminate a lot of the bags... at least when it comes to the color of the bag. Style wise, I have narrowed it down to City and Work :

1. True Red City (SS 2004)
2. Vert Thyme City (SS 2008)
3. Greige- Cement Greay- City ( FW 2006)
4. Cornflower Blue City (SS 2006)
5. Blue India City (FW 2006)
6. Black City (FW 2007)

1. Apple Green Work (SS 2005)
 2. Sanguine -Brick Red- Work (SS 2009)
3. Black Work (SS 2006)
4. Cornflower Blue Work (SS 2006)
5. Blueberry- Bleu Roi - (FW 2006)
6. Lilac Work (SS 2006)
7. Rouille- Rust- Work (SS 2006)
8. Truffle Brown Work (FW 2006)
9. Evergreen Work (FW 2008)

So many choices, but I can only get one. I'm thinking one of these:
True Red City, Greige City, Apple Green Work, Blueberry Work, Black Work, or Rouille Work....
Which is your favorite?


  1. my favourite is the greige city one (number 3)
    i love the colour and it pretty much goes with everything. so thats always good.

  2. I have 2 cities in purple and white and one briefcase in grey, and I couldn't live without them!
    They're such a great investment!

    I advise you not to take a color that's too light, since my white Balenciaga is kinda ruined at the back from scratching on my jeans.

    They have amazing colors, though. I can't choose!

    x Krizia


  3. I love your city bags :D I'm always looking forward to your outfits with them :P
    I've been reading about the light colors ruining quickly... so maybe a black one would be a better investment ...
    We'll see, I'm still in the "saving up" process :P

  4. These are so great!!

    ps- "the piano has been drinking (not me)" is the title of a Tom Waits song!


  5. Yeah I don't recommend the light colors. My baby blue looks like it has gone through hell.




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