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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shoe Challenge #2: Shades of Gray, and a bit of ranting

I feel like I need a new cam?

What: DS, gray ankle boots.
When: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Where: Dinner and drinks with a group of friends.
With: blackish/gray jeggins: Vero Moda, gray stripy sweater: can't remember, mother of pearl bangles: borrowed from mom, scarf: Mango, bag: Zara, hair bow: Claire's, coat: Guess.

Yesterday, I made a list of posts that I MUST post by the end of the week... or else no going out for me this weekend. First on the list was "Shoe Challenge #2". I'm so proud of myself for actually taking a picture of my outfit before going out.

My friends and I went out for dinner and a bit of pub hoping. One of my friends suggested we walk from one part of beirut- where we were having dinner- to another part -where all the pubs are... it's not such a long distance, but there's this slope part and uh you know... holes on the road. I objected to this,er, adventure at first but he INSISTED (Yes, you know who  you are. And yes, I might hate you a bit) on it. So my girlfriends and I finally agreed, we were all in heels. oh boy.

My boots were comfortable for half the way, but then that slope part came and I was so paranoid of slipping and sliding down the hill. Ah, I shall shut up. The thought of it makes me shudder, but also smile. The good news it we finally made it to the pub, we didn't hop much because the ladies and I didn't want to walk anymore.  It was fun though. I love moments like that, you know, when at the time it's so frustration yet slightly funny, then you remember it a while later and all you can do it smile? yup, this qualifies as one of those moments.
All in all, a very fun night :)

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