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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nails of the Week

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The 8.9 earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan really freaked me out. Japan has been one of my "must visit before I die" places. While living in Dubai, I had a ton of Japanese neighbors and they were awesome. Seeing this horrible thing happen in Japan ... you sorta re-evaluate your own life.  It really made all my "problems" seem stupid and pathetic.  My prayers are with the people of Japan. 

I think this is me moving on from my paranoia.  It's been almost a week since I last updated, and I have to say, I miss my blog.

On a million times less serious note: On Friday, I went to Paparazzi to get my nails done with a friend, per usual I wanted something crazy. I found this weird shade of green by "Jessica" called " 830 Funhouse". As with all crayzay colors, I was worried once it was applied, it wouldn't be as nice as the color in the bottle. But with two coats, I (the nail lady) got the color in the bottle.

This is what it looked like a minute after I got them done.
It sorta reminds me of the 70's, do you see it? Or is it just me :P 
I love green nail polish, but this is far
from my favorite shade. It looked OK when I first got it done, but today (two days after)... I'm not really loving it.

 I will say the the wearability/durability was GREAT. Yesterday was UNESCO's Orphan's Day at my university, thirty kids from the S.O.S. Village came to AUB and the UNESCO club spent the day with them. It was SO much fun. Lot's of running around, water, cleaning, balls flying, coloring, clay, markers, chocolates, and more cleaning... What I mean to say is: the nail polish stayed on, and it looks pretty much the same as it did the day I got it done.

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  1. luckily my friends in Japan are all okay. love the nail color.


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