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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drooling Over: Serena's shoes

Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 5. I'm drooling!!! Does anyone know who they're by?? I've been searching around for two days now, but I can only find her other outfit-break downs from this episode. I really want to know who the designer is, if you have any idea... drop me a comment :)                                                                 [screen shot]


  1. oh man, I hate when that happens! I'm still dying for Gretchen Jones runway necklaces (in my arrow post) but have no idea who makes them or better yet where I can get a copy of them from, not even Etsy helped :(


  2. Maybe you could look at www.gossipgirlfashion.net, it's a site about everything Serena, Blair etc. wears in the series. I check this site quite often when I like a dress or something I saw in Gossip Girl :)

    Oh, and the shoes she's wearing are Brian Atwood's Martay shoes, I looked it up on the site for you :)

    Siel x


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