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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't wait for Summer

"Waiting for Cab" by Rekanyari. [ image source: Flickr ]
No more uni, papers to write, presentations to prepare for. 
No more waking up early, and drinking a ton of coffee to stay awake to finish said papers for uni.
No more being forced to see people I really don't want to see.
Can't wait to travel, see my cousins, and shop till I drop.
Can't wait for Summer 2011, so hurry your arse up!!


  1. The shorts look very comfortable + chic...I'm such a fan of high heels and those are definitely on my wish list.
    When does your vacation begin? Hope it's not too far off.

    PPS: I recently did an interview with a wonderful up and coming designer, do check my blog out when you get a chance.

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

  2. amazing photo!!:)i'm waiting for summer too for wearing all shorts and top!!
    Follow me dear??i'd be very happy if you do so..i wait u on my blog..kiss

  3. The shoes in this photo are so cool :)I'm literally counting the days to summer.I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know :)

  4. First of all...Very nice photo!! Luv it!

    Hope u enjoy the summer then :)


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