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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trending: Orange you Tangerine?

Disclaimer: To my Lebanese readers, this has NOTHING to do with politics;
thank you :)

The 70's are back again this spring, nope I'm not talking about band shirts or TV shows; it's all about the bright color of that decade. Thankfully though, this time around, shaggy carpets and couches are not part of the trend -well at least I hope not. Yup, you guessed it I'm talking about orange tangerine. .
Don't you just love how the fashion world loves referring to things with their "exotic" and  and more "fashionable" sounding names? Example: instead of calling it "orange", it's "tangerine".
Now some might argue that "tangerine is a different shade than orange", to them I say "when it comes to the color orange, it's always going to be ORANGE" :)
Anydoodles, watch out for orange/tangerine because it's going to be everywhere this spring and it will also continue on into next fall.

Charlotte Ronson SS 2011

Elie Saab SS 2011

Rag n Bones FW 2011

The color has popped up all over the runways, and various celebs have been spotted wearing orange colored gowns and dresses. I don't know about you, but "orange" and "dress" should not be in the same sentence, unless they're followed by "ugly" or "hell no". I don't know why I'm not a fan of the color orange; maybe it's because I've seen so many horrible orange prom dresses over the years, or the scary orange fake tans people insist on getting.  Maybe living in Lebanon, where every political party has a color, and avoiding politically associated colors has taken a toll on my taste in color. It's probably a mixture of all the above factors.

At first I really hated this trend, but with the right items/shade/material/cut ...and I can't believe I'm saying this but...

it's not so bad. The key here is not going orange with the whole outfit and looking like a goldfish *cough Drew Barrymore cough*, rather picking a piece or two which will stand out yet not look tacky.

The good: Cheryl Cole out and about
The bad: Drew Barrymore in Jil Sander

Conclusion, I'm definitely not a big fan of the colour and will definitely not wear an orange gown. I don't see myself completely embracing this 70's inspired trend, but since I do love bright colors, will give this a trend a try... in minor ways like an orange bag, nail polish or shoes :)

Here are some looks from around the blogsphere which have inspired me to give it a try:

Gabrielle from "Dentelle&Fleurs"
Kayley from "Sidewalk Ready"

Shoppe Style Vogue

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