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Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #1: So it Begins

My first official Shoeper Shoe Challenge post, I'm so proud of myself. The hardest thing about this challenge is taking the pictures as "proof". I'm either in a hurry and forget to charge my cam/take my cam out/take a picture.

What: Suede ankle black boots, from Lila Moda
When: Friday, February 11th, 2011
Where: Friend's 21st Birthday party
With: green H&M dress, vintage clutch, colourful bracelet Koko Strass.

On Friday, it was my friend's 21st birthday party and I wore my green dress from H&M. I decided to save my black suede ankle boots first, because I just love them. You've seen these shoes before they're the black booties that my parents got me for Christmas) but it's ok... you can see them again.

They were the first pair I wanted to "save", because A. they were a present, B. they're a very practical "going out" shoe, C. they're comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that on a previous occasion I walked around Bourj Hammoud for over two hours in them. (Let me tell you, walking in heels on the Lebanese streets is a skill you perfect living in this country with crappy sidewalks, horrible roads and absolutely no consideration for pedestrians. )

You might have noticed that I wore these before the challenge "officially" started. This was because my original plans for the 14th with my friends got canceled and I ended up going shopping with my best friend and then going over to her house. A very fun day but a very boring outfit with my boring everyday black boots, and no pictures.
If I'm breaking the rules, I'm sorry, I'll finish the challenge on the 11th of next year instead of the 14th. :)
The birthday cake was so cute and yummy!

This is the real color of the dress, the lighting in the other pics is a little off.

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  1. Wait? what's your shoe challenge? I dont really get it...? But I get I'm a little late, cause you're already on #20!


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