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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I was having a bad day today and then I went on blogger and saw that my Golden Globes post had gotten 12 comments! That made me smile. I started reading the comments and the lovely Courtney from "Charmed in PDX" had informed me that she's nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award. That made me smile even more :D Thank you Courtney very much, I found your blog about a month ago and I love it! It means so much to me to know that you like my blog as well :) The rules of the award are as followed:
  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award! 

     Seven things about me:

    1. When I was eight, my family and I were taking a walk in Fresno (CA) and this dog ran two blocks and jumped on me...from that day forth I'm TERRIFIED of dogs. Except from my friend Patty's dog who's called "Bouchi". He is just adorable, and FLUFFY :)
    2.  It's my dream to one day own a 1967 creme blue convertible Mustang  (you know.. once I start making money).
    3. I originally made this blog so I could use it as a complaining diary, but I ended up ignoring it. At the time I was (and still am) obsessed with Shoeperwoman's blog, and for a week or so she was having problems with her domain/internet/something and couldn't update her blog. I was going through withdrawal symptoms, so I decided to convert my complaining diary into a fashion blog. So ...viola
    4. I'm mad that my skin tone can't handle me going red because I absolutely love red heads (this has nothing to do with my Shoeperwoman obsession, I promise)  I've had a crush on the fictional character of Ron Weasley since the age of eight.
    5. From the age of seven to 14 I used to take ballet lessons, and I started tap dancing when I was ten until I was 14. I had to quit both because  I moved from Dubai back to Lebanon, and the dance schools here followed the French or Russian programs (which require you to be a stick figure, which HA I wasn't) while I followed the British Royal Academy of Dance program back in Dubai.
    6. I'm in love with Balenciaga bags, and hope to one day own a rainbow of them (literally.every.single.colour.)
    7. I've been to every continent except Australia, South America and Antarctica. 

    Here are the lovely 15 bloggers that I've picked.
    1. A Penny for Your Shoes
    2. Charles B. Goode
    3. Chic Adolesent
    4. Visions of Memories
    6. jaelikesclothes
    7. Le Blog de Chanty
    8. Machine Wash Warm 
    9. Me's Bubble 
    10. MG Style Mix
    11. MusicLoveCherryFairy
    12. My Own Strange Little World
    13. Slumber Designs... fashion & decor
    14. ♛ Three Black Crowns ♛♛  
    15. Verita Lane ♥
    16. Victoria Loraine


      1. You arise beauteous in the horizon of the heavens
        Oh living Aten who creates life.
        When you shine forth in the Eastern horizon you fill every land with your beauty.
        You are so beautiful: you are great; gleaming and high over every land.
        Your rays embrace the lands and all you have created;
        You are Re and reach out to all your creations, and hold them for your beloved Son.
        You are afar, but your rays touch the earth;
        Men see you, but know not your ways.

        ...thanks...sweet sugar!

      2. Thank you Aline:) you've won an wards too! check out my blog:)
        Katy (

      3. Hey :) thank you for your comment to tell me you've given me an award but I can't see my blog on here! Haha x

      4. Thank you so much for this award!! You're so sweet and lovely!!! I really appreciate it. I'll mention it in my next post (if my awful mind doesn't fail to remember it!!). Thanks again!! And also thank you for your lovely comment in my blog!! Kisses!!!

      5. this is a really good idea :) i think i might start haha

        also, not to beg, but i used to have loads of bloglovin followers but i had to change my blog name so lost them :( i was wondering if youd be able to follow me to help with my numberss

      6. Thank you so much Aline!!! :) Such an honor to be recognized. When I read your 2nd "7 things about me" I was like omg me tooo!!! I would love to own a 1965 red mustang convertible, its always been my dream! So that was great to see another person for a love for the great vintage cars of the past!

      7. ooh sweety thank you verry much for nominating me!! you just made my day!!
        i'll do the post right now!!

      8. Thank you very much :) I hope that the link to your page gets you lots of views!


      9. Thank you so much! I'm currently blogging this, you made my day when i saw your comment haha.

      10. Thank you so much for choosing my blog! However, I do not know how I am supposed to receive this award on my blog? Thank you so much though! :)


      11. congratulations!


      12. Congrats! You so deserve it! Thanks a million for picking me as one of your fab 15, I'm so honored :D <3

      13. thanks for visiting my blog. It's actually 107 pairs now since went to visit Zara yesterday and couldn't resist this amazing pair of silettos'. This challenge might by quite hard :DD wishing you best of luck as well..


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