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Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Carpet: People's Choice Awards

Kimmy K always looks sexy on the red carpet, and she looked amazing at the PCAs. I'm loving the up do!!! I'm really glad she didn't let it down like she normally does. Don't get me wrong, it looks good down (heck, we all want our hair to look as perfect as that :P), but it gets boring when you wear it ALL the time. Another thing I really loved about this outfit, the clutch by Channel (which appeared in SACT 2). She dress is sexy, and metallic...but nothing special.

You know what I hate? Seeing girls who're around my age, who are given the opportunity to have access to the best fashion and have to attend all these award shows where they get to wear said fashion.... and they're so boring about it. GAHH. I'm so frustrated with Emma Roberts!!! If I see her wearing another boring dress, I'm going to find her and shake her silly!!!
OK, so this is Dior,  it's flattering and all that jazz ....but sheesh it's so BORING! And those shoes, are you kidding me?? Class, what is one of the biggest fashion faux pas??? yes, good job "Brown and Black". See Emma? Everybody knows that. I will say that this is an improvement from that nauseating shade of a green dress she wore once.

This dress reminds me of hippies, I think it's the colours and the flowiness. I kinda like it, especially the bodice. I don't really have anything else to say...she looks good.

Ouulalalalalala I never noticed how tall she was, or how pale..ok maybe I had noticed the paleness (that's not me picking on the paleness BTW). The dress was shortened to highlight K-Stew's best asset..her luh-va-lee legs! Now the dress, it reminds me of another shiny goldish dress that she wore last year and I remember liking that dress. I like this dress too :) Now on to my favorite part, HER SHOES, hubba hubaa. Nothing like a pair of sexy black sling-backs ey? ;)

Taylor Swift... mmm She always looks put together on the red-carpet, with that said. Her looks look the same to me. I really can't tell one from the other :s But I believe it's the first time she's wearing this colour (unless I'm mistaken?). The shoes are my favorite part of the look :)

This outfit doesn't look so special, but it is one of my favorite looks of the night. There's just something about the simplisity and casual-ness of that dress that I found really appealing. The coral earrings and the pretty Atwood pumps also add a lil somthin somthin too. Leighton looks beautiful :)

Betsey Johnson and Katy Perry... yea that sounds like I'd just hate it doesn't it?? hehe. So if you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I absolutely love B. Johnson and K. Perry.
This dress reminds me of Avatar, the colour palette is just AMAZING :) The dress was modified for Katy, and I think it's a dressincarnation of her. I don't think anyone but her could have pulled this off. She looks amazing!
Head to toe, love it!!!
Ps. Can I have those Casadei heels please?? It's my birthday soon =D


  1. Hi Aline, Happy New Year! and I love Kim, Leighton and Katy Perry! They look amazingly sexy!
    Katy (

  2. i have to disagree with you about Ashley, she usually dresses better. She looks like an orange - the dress despite being pretty did not flatter her - the color was wrong, who dresses in puke green!?!?


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