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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nails of the Week

Yes this is supposed to be purple NOT blue.
My nails of the week went through quiet the transformation. They started out in their natural squarish shape; I decided to try this new purple "Seventeen" varnish that I'd gotten. I liked it and even took a pic. It looks blue in the pic and I tried to play around with my photo editor to get them to look purple...but that just made my fingers look purple and orange (do not even ask me how I got that colour combination).

A day later, I got bored and decided to try and be like Dita Von Teese and try that half-moon manicure. I had seen the YSL fall 2010 nail polish collection over at Le Blog de Chanty, and it inspired me to have fun with the colour combination .... I went for a gray/purple combo.
The lovely Mz. Teese's half moon nails. [image source Dita] The colourful YSL fall 2010 collection [image source YSL]

It worked! But I didn't have time to shape my nails so  half of them were still boxy half moons.

The day after that, I finally got time to shape them into a half moon. It was SO weird seeing my nails circly, because even in there non-shaped state my nails are more squarish, so this was a complete change for me. Sadly I forgot to take a pic right after the circly shaping and now my nails are just a sad circly chipped mess... I refused to take a pic and show you :P

Ps. In honor of reaching FIFTY FOLLOWERS , yes I had to do the whole bold, italic, underline thing because font wise that's how awesome I feel right now, I'm thinking of having a giveaway... a cool one. It'll probably happen after my exams are over though (Feb 2).
Thank you SOOOOOO much for reading my blog, you have no idea how happy this makes me :D
"Shuh-no-ra-ga-lou-tyoun" that's Armenian for "Thank you", I know it's long and sorta belongs to the "superqualafragalisticexpialadocious" family, but I feel like it really justifies how thankful I am for having such amazing readers! :)
Love you all!!!!!

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