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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Outfit: Red ridding hood

Today was the second day back in uni after new year's, and I'm definitely still "vacation mode". This semester needs to end ASAP, I'm sick of classes, projects, exams, waking up early and just uni in general. The weather was a bit depressing too, all gray, cloudy and rainy.... naturally I decided to wear my brightest coat with a hoody. I love my "little red riding coat", it just brightens up my day :) I wore a simple sweater dress underneath paired with tights and my black Steve Madden boots that I got on my trip to Armenia.

Coat: I think I either got this at Berlington Coat Factory or at Ross,
Green Sweater Dress: I got this from a store in Avilla, Spain.. really can't remember the name.

I can't seem to be able to get my shoes into the same pic as the rest of my outfit, my attemps resulted in many blurry headless pictures (quite terrifying actually :P). So until I figure this complicated task out, two pics it shall be, here's the bottom half :)

Boots: Steve Madden
Hope everyone had a good day today, for those who went back to work/school/uni this week, I feel your pain. For those of you lovelies who're still on vacation, I might be a little jealous but enjoy it!!! 

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  1. that coat is too cute! love your blog, i got your msg of IFB! thanks for the welcome :)

    check mine out !


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