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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Outfit: One one one one

I love personal style blogs and checking out what all my favorite bloggers are wearing, and for a while I wanted to post my outfits as well...but then laziness, forgetting to charge my camera, and the whole me looking crap in pictures kinda got in the way. But with the new year and all, I decided that I will document my outfits. I don't promise to post every single day, because aside from being lazy...most days my outfits are ridiculously boring and ,er, ugly? So, I'll just post the ones that I remember to take a pic of. Without furder ado, here's my first outfit of the year (thus one one one one). The first day of the year is usually consists of me waking up at noon/afternoon, eating left-overs for breakfast (which were super delicious this year might i add, thanks mom!), then visiting family (or being visited by), then getting home late and staying up to watch DVDs (helloo Glee Season 1). Rockstar life I lead, I know. 

Black sweater: DKNY, Blue coat: gift from Mom, Jeggings: Vero Moda, Bag: Zara, Necklace: gift shop in Armenia, Headband: The 99 cents store (no joke :P), Shoes: Zara

I couldn't get the shoes with the outfit in a pic, it was frustrating so here's a close up :)
Simple outfit, but it's one of my go to outfits (I'll mix it up with the shoes though) because I love that coat and everything is just so comfy :) Great way to start the year.

What did you guys wear on the first day of the year??

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  1. Aww cute outfit! I love the blue coat soo much. Too bad it's not cold because you've inspired me to wear my blue coat.

    What did I wear on new years day? I think I stayed in my pj's most of the day, and then workout gear later to do zumba.


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