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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Outfit: It's Wine and Cheese not Cheese and Wine

January is a birthday-full month for me. There's literally a birthday every other day. This Friday was my mom's birthday, we had a small family thing on Friday because the real celebration was Saturday night. We went to a Wine and Cheese event, although people in Lebanon like to call it "Cheese and Wine" which might I add, annoys me to no end! I don't even know why I get so frustration when people keep saying "Cheese and Wine". Anyhoo, my frustration aside, it was tons of fun. There was karaoke... which is great with wine. I can never get over listening to so many songs get butchered by drunken people. ah great times. My mom insisted on not having cake. Yes, I know, who the heck doesn't want cake (in any shape or form) with a candle on it on their BIRTHDAY...apparently my mom. I would not stand for it, so this morning I made an "S" (her name starts with an S) shaped pancake for her to make up for the cakeless birthday. muahahaha. I'm sorry, I just refuse to go along with this "cakeless birthday" nonsense. hmmpf.

On to the outfit, yes I know the pics are horrible. yata yata.I know, I need to get a tripod yata yata. I promise, I'll take better pictures after my finals... now tell me, do you like it? :)



Dress: H&M
Cardigan/Bolero: Moschino 
Clutch: Gift from my aunt
Hair bow: Claire's
Coat: Gift from mom
Tights: unknown
Boots: Lila Moda

These are the only photos I had on my camera, there's better ones on my mom's.
I'll upload them once I finish studying this chapter of finance :P 
While I do that, let me know what you think of the blue and green combo?
yeay or nay?? :)

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