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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again, when Christmas vacation has ended but I wish it hadn't. The cold weather alternates between "stay at home with hot chocolate because it's raining like a mother" cold and "let's go to the mountains and see some snow because the sun is out but it's still freezing" cold. The semester is ending, all my professors are cramming the last 3 chapters that we didn't finish into the last week of the semester, and alas FINALS are almost upon us. Yup my loveliest, it's almost my birthday :)
This year I decided to make a wishlist. I didn't make one for Christmas because well, uh, ok I just didn't.
It's my last year of being a teenager and I actually want this birthday to be amazing :)

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Disclaimer: I'm not a spoiled brat.

1. Make up set/kit

Make Up For Ever ‘Rock For Ever Dany’s Essentials’ kit

[image source: Hey-Dollface ]

Bobbi Brown Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Trunk

[ image source: Hey-Dollface ]

Up until 2 years ago, I wasn't much of a makeup person. I'd just stick to my trusty cover-up and my mascara, and that was that. Then my friend Alex came along, and everything changed. This girl has PERFECT make-up ALL the time. *knock on wood* (We Lebanese are a little superstitious) She's the one who got me, and the rest of my gal-pals to start playing around with make-up. I have to say, I'm really enjoying it :) I started watching makeup tutorials and finding new styles to try, but my equipment needs an upgrade. I want to get a set that has many brushes, and new products that I might not have picked up myself. Something to allow me to try new things :)
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Dollface had recently featured a couple of makeup sets, but they were definitely out of my budget (ranging between $500-$2000 :O). I tried finding more wallet friendly sets that included brushes and actual products, but I didn't find any... it's either brushes, eyeliner or eyeshadow. That works too :) I especially love the eyeliner and eyeshadow ones!

2. L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad
 The books that I usually read are 500+pages, full of mystery, adventure and someone always ends up dead. LA Candy is not one of those books. With uni taking over my life, I haven't had the time to read as much at all. This is killing me, so I want to get light-reads that are still interesting.
Before "Keeping up with the Kardashians" came along, "The Hills" was my FAVORITE guilty pleasure. I just loved the show, yes I wanted to strangle everyone and kill that Spencer character, but I just couldn't stop watching! They all had such great style, especially Lauren. I absolutely love her makeup, her shoes, her hair...pretty much everything. After she quit the show, she wrote this book "LA Candy" and apparently it's a novel loosely based on her life.
3. Quilted Chanel inspired purse with gold chain

4. New Phone

 I can't decide! There are so many phones out there and I'm so confused :S I have a Nokia E71 right now, and I like it..but it frustrates me alot. My mom's phone is dying so she wants to take my phone, which means I can get a new one. It all sounds great and dandy, but the problem is I can't make up my mind. This is even more frustrating than my phone itself. I'm the type of person who usually knows exactly what they want.
At first I liked Blackberries, but then EVERYONE got them and it's crackberry nation where I live. Everyone is BBMing everyone all the time, and I started hating them. I'd be sitting with my friends having coffee or something, and they won't put that thing down for a second! It's so disrespectful and annoying. With that said, I do like the phone itself, and the service works here. Recently I've realized the need to have email access at all times, and that would be great on the blackberry.
I always thought iphones were cool but not for me, because I'm the type of person who's not that nice to their technologies (i.e. they'll end up on the floor a lot, accidentally of course). Then my best friend got an iphone and I love playing with that thing! Typing is not that great, that auto-correct thing is great if you're typing in english all the time. But in a country like Lebanon, where we like to speak salad (we mix Arabic, English, French and if you're Armenian -like me- you'll add Armenian to the list too), especially when it comes to texting... it can get ya in trouble. If I didn't text us much as I do, I'd definitely get a iphone without a second though, but because I do... I don't know if I'll survive with the touch keyboard. Multitasking I heard is also a problem on the iphone, that sucks because I love multitasking, that's one of the things I love about my Nokia.
Sometimes I wish that we all just had the simple Motorola Razor, or one of those old Nokia's... uh back when life was simple.

5. Fun skin for my laptop

I got my laptop for my high-school graduation, it's been my buddy ever since. But my buddy is getting a bit old, and it's now covered scratches (I did mention I'm not that nice with my technologies right? :P). A new laptop is out of the question for now, because nothing is wrong with my buddy and I also don't feel like searching for a new laptop. A make-over is exactly what my buddy needs, that's why I want a new skin for my laptop :) Something fun, not too girly, possibly green, and a little on the coo-coo side.

6. Channel Inspired quilted handbag
[ image source ]

ASOS Quilted Suedette Lock Bag


I've loved this style of Channel handbags since I was little. The gold chain with the black leather, is my favorite *drool*. Sadly, my wallet/bank account don't want me getting this handbag. But lucky for me, other brands have created handbags that are inspired by the beautiful Channel. I saw one at Stradivarius that I liked, but it was a silver chain instead of a gold one. I really want a gold one, but IF I can't find it... then I'll just get the silver.

7. Ankle Booties

ASOS PARADOX Boiled Wool Lace Up Platform Shoe

I'm in desperate need of winter appropriate high heels, ankle booties are the best solution. They're comfortable, super cute, they're heels and they'll still keep your feet warm in winter. I have two booties, but they're more on the casual side, and I need something a little more fancy/chic.

Until the age of 13, I had amazing birthday parties, mainly because when you're a kid everything is funner and because your mom is awesome and she plans everything, all you had to do was put on an outfit and show up. Then you grow up, and you don't want to have your birthday at "Fun time pizza" anymore. You end up moving to another country where you don't have a lot of friends yet, and you don't know where to celebrate your birthday. Then you meet some friends, and you realize your birthdays all lie in the same week/month, so you're not that special anymore. It becomes a weird competition of birthdays, at first you decide to rise up tot he challenge and you have a blast at the bowling alley. Then you reach a point where you give up and end up going to Citymall to watch The Golden Compass with your best friend (who is not born in January :P).
On your 18th birthday, while trying to have a surprise birthday dinner for your friend because her original party got ruined, said friend surprises you with a birthday dinner. A fun but very confusing birthday dinner it is.
This year, said friend and I are joining forces to have the best birthday bash ever. Muahahaha This will definitely make up for all the shitty birthdays between the ages of 13-17.The end

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