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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love it or Hate it? Paris Hilton on the Cover of Vogue Turkey

Lovin' the studded Balmain jacket!

This is Hilton's second Vogue cover, her first being Vogue Parus. But who would have thought, Paris Hilton's face under the words "VOGUE"... on the actual cover of Vogue magazine. With that said, I don't hate this shot by Terry Richardson. In a weird way I like it, but it also reminds me of porn for some reason, the words "naughty -insert whatever role-" comes to mind. She' wearing Richardson's signature frames, with her mouth open in the signature Paris Hilton way...

What do you think? Love it or Hate it?


  1. Classic Paris pose.

  2. Personally I like it. She's an icon for her poses. I guess the thing that makes your thumb goes upside down is because of her reputation and the word 'porn'.

    OT: Followed you at Google Connect. Hope you do the same for me :)

  3. Bekh...
    Not a big fan of the pose!

  4. You know the more I look at it, the more i don't like it. It's a bit blowupdoll-y isn't it? :s

  5. thank you ! and good not being the only one who hates waking up early and taking the stupid bus ! :P

    About the picture not a big fan of paris looks !

  6. A bit blowupdoll-y? try exactly like a blowup doll blukh don't like it

  7. hi Aline, I'm Aline too! But I've been using Alinne with 2 "nn" since i work as a model 7 years ago! thanks for you comment on my blog. If i follow you you will follow mw back? leave me a comment if you want, Kisses see you here!

  8. well i don't know Paris personaly, so i judge her only on her clothes and i like her style. But that picture is not wow.


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