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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Looky: New shoes!!!

After not having bought ANY shoes for three months, I bought 3 in the span of two days. Ah, it felt so good.
You all know I've been dying to get some ankle booties, well, I finally got booties :) Two of them to be exact.
This is a birthday present from my parents. By that I mean that I told my dad I want shoes, he gave me money and my mom and I bought them :P They're from a shop called "Lila Moda" in Bourj Hammoud. They're SUPER comfortable. My friend actually went and bought the same shoe after she saw mine :) Yup, that's how awesome these are.

Booty number 2. On my quest to find the black booties that went with my birthday outfit. I tried on the black leather version of these babies, but I later ended up buying the other black (above). I still loved this shoe, because the button is adorable and they're SUPER comfortable. I decided to go back the next day and get the black one. The gray ones caught my eye and I tried them on. Since I'd gotten a black booty already, I decided to get the grey instead. My only concern is that they're suede, and Lebanon is not such a clean place. I need to get that spray which keeps suede shoes clean and waterproof.  Ou these are also from Bourj Hammoud, from a store called "DS" on Arax St.

This was a spur of the moment purchase. I saw the black and brown versions, but they weren't available in my size. My mom saw the white ones and said they looked prettier, I agreed. They had it in my size, it fit, it was comfortable and it was on sale. So I bought it. I don't know where/where/how I'm going to wear this. I normally hate white shoes, but these just looked so good on I couldn't help myself. I definitely need your help figuring out ways to wear the shoes.
Ou and for all you laddies living in Lebanon, the store I got these from is called "Babila" in Bourj Hammoud has a "Everything 45,000 LL" ($30) sale going on and they have some really nice things.

They look really good with jeans, I'm thinking of pairing it with a royal blue top and a blazer. I just need to wait for the weather to get warmer to try it out.
What do you think?


  1. ooh super zexy! great shoes :) xx

  2. Great choices, love the boots! :)

  3. Yes, the pages did help me a lot, honey!
    Thank you so much for your help, that was so sweet of you!

    I like the boots on the first picture,
    they're great!

    x Krizia


  4. thanks for the comments :)
    those boots are so cute! i think pairing them with jeans and a blazer would look really nice!

  5. beautiful shoes!

    Elle :)


  6. oh they're all beautiful! very lucky :)



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