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Monday, January 10, 2011

Drooling Over: Qupid Favor 39 Red Velvet Peep Toe Ridge Back Wedges

Qupid Favor 39 Red Velvet Peep Toe Ridge Back Wedges, from Lulu's $33.00
 Isn't this just a beauty?
Many people love red shoes, some think it's tacky (but we shall find them and kill them). I'm one of those who LOVE red shoes, yet I only have 1 pair of red flats!!! I usually end up buying pink or purple shoes instead of red. Recently I've realized that I'm in desperate need of red heels, and I think these would be a perfect addition to my shoe collection. At first glance I thought these were suede, but in fact they are velvet. I've never owned velvet shoes, so I don't know how I feel about it. What I really like about this shoe is that it's a wedge, which means it should be comfortable. I have this tendency to buy shoes that are beautiful but NOT comfortable. I'll try them on and walk around the store, I'll ignore the umfortableness and focus on the OMGITSOPRETTYness. This frustrates me, because I usually walk a lot. Especially with parking being so limited in Lebanon, I sometimes have to park a far distance away and I always regret my shoe choice in those scenarios. Thus comfortable and pretty shoes are definitely welcome in my closet :) What do you think? :)


  1. Yesterday, just yesterday I was googling the different varieties & styles in red peeptoes!!! Great timing of your post!!!
    Fashion Panache - Experimenting Leopard Prints

  2. I completely understand the double edge sword of buying beautiful shoes but then in turn dealing with the uncomfortable fit. I recently bought a pair of ASOS boots that I had been fawning over but as soon as I put them on it was so uncomfortable. I've kept them because they look so great on and I get so many compliments but oh the pain for fashion ;)

  3. those are super cute! go for it, really! I love a good red shoe. xx


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