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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nails of the Week

Guess what?? It's actually the nails of THIS week!!! shocking hehe I know :D The second I put the nail polish on, I took a picture.
So remember how I wanted to try gray nail polish?? Well I was last minute Christmas shopping with my friend and we hit the make up store, and I ended getting a bunch of makeup treats (will post soon).

Seventeen 521.
 I picked up a gray shade by Seventeen (#521). It's the first time I try Seventeen nail polish, and I have to say I was SO pleased!!! First of all, it was only $4.5 and their colour selection is AMAZING! I'm so sick of spending $7 on China Glaze and seeing it chip 5 seconds later. The texture of the polish is cool, it goes on really smoothly. I was worried that I'd have to put on like four coats to get the right colour, but with the first coat the colour was acceptable. I wanted a bit of a darker colour so I put on a second coat. It dried really quickly too, which is a huge plus for me. I tend to walk into walls and ruin my nails 2 seconds after doing them :P I didn't even have to put on a top coat to make sure everything stays where it's supposed to!
The true test to nail polish is that if it survives the night (as in partying and then sleep). I always put on nail polish and it's all nice during the day but then right when I go to sleep and wake up...there's blanket marks on it and it doesn't have that smoothness anymore. Seventeen definitely passed that test, I woke up this morning and it looked as perfect as it did yesterday :) I'll definitely be trying new colours by Seventeen! :D


  1. Nice color I have a darker slate grey from YSL love it - here is my tip I use to keep my nail polish from chipping easily, especially China Glaze.

    When you are done applying the final coat of color, paint a small horizontal line across the tip (think white tip of a French manicure). It won't show when it dries & you apply a top coat and will stop your polish from chipping easily.

  2. I usually do that with french tip, but I never did it with colours, thanks for the tip :) !


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