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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nails of the Week (last week that is)

I was watching a rerun of the finale of "Australia's Next Top Model" the other day, and the winner of the show was wearing a purple dress with red shoes. I've always liked the combo of Purple and Red, but have found it hard to actually "do right". I decided that a purple/red manicure would be a good place to start. I couldn't really do a design so I stuck to just painting my nails red except my ring finger which I painted purple. They were both glittery varnishes, and looked cute but not too cute...
The red/purple manicure did not turn out "right".
To fix the situation,  I decided to turn the red into more of a pink, using the wonderful colour by China Glaze "Rio". Whenever I apply Rio on a colour it transforms it, eg. when applied to black it turns the colour blue. I was wondering what would happen to the red if I applied the pink, so I gave it a shot and here's what I got.

The "pink" nail polish is a base coat of a very Christmasy red by China Glaze (don't know what it's called) and a top coat of the clear rainbowy-pink "Rio" also by China Glaze. The purple is from the "never nude" collection by Samoa.

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