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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is it just me?

or is this just a weird dress?
Black 'Thank Christ' Dress, Antipodium

Yea it looks like an innocent LBD and then you look closely at the design around the neckline...

hmm yup, it's called the 'Thank Christ' Dress. I don't find this dress insulting but it just disturbs me. Who the heck would wear this? Why would you wear this? Where would you wear this??
In my opinion, this dress targets those who are "super duper" showy "christians" OR (on the opposite side of the spectrum) people who are totally against christiany/religion./yatayata and wear it just for the heck of it.

It sorta reminds me of a bad Halloween costume, you know wanna be slutty nun?

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  1. i do not really like this dress - what a strange neckline!

  2. Yes I agree. A small pair of scissors to the neckline might be what is in order here!

  3. its called fashion... look it up

    1. HAHAHA I had completely forgotten about this post. I kinda like clothing with crosses now.
      Sorry if my younger-self taste didn't agree with yours :)


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