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Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspired: Colours of the Wind, Coats

 Growing up, Pocahontas was one of my favorite movies. I just loved her care-free spirit and her super long hair. Back in the 90's, when kids used to watch VHS and not DVDs, the colors of movies seemed a little funny. But I remember that I was always fascinated by the colours in Pocahontas, especially during the song "Colours of the Wind". They just seemed far beyong their time, and super awesome.

I've been meaning to have a post dedicated to coats, since I'm in need of new coats. Black coats, although super practical, are boring me... This season I decided that I will try to get as many colourful ones possible (as long as they fit my budget, and I don't get ALL the rainbow:P).
Wind= I need a coat=I want colourful coat, which in turn = Colours of the wind.
I apologize for that messed up math equation, it made sense in my head :P
colours of the wind

The Cape, $389
Pink Pea Coat, 179 GBP

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