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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Dressed this Week

 I couldn't decide who was best dressed this week, so I'm 
 leaving it up to you -my lovely readers- to choose who you think is best dressed :)

Cheryl Cole wore this on X-factor, and I have to say I'm kinda loving it! It's different from what is usually worn on the red carpet and even on stage during a performance. It reminds me of a tuxedo, with the clear contrast of the white and black. There are so many textures to this dress, that you can't help but appreciate it.
Top to bottom, I love the clear white mesh, the bust line is flattering, is that a flower or a mic on her left boob? The waist is tailored well, and I love how it flows from then on...until that pleated part, is that leather?? I don't like that part. Her legs look amazing as usual, and the shoes PRETTY!

 Another X-factor judge in this post, this time it's Ms. Minogue in Marchesa. Ah, Marchesa, how I love your red dresses :)
The bust line of this dress is lovely.The ruffle detail that goes down the front of the dress is one of those things that Marchesa does well. What I don't like about this look is the fit around the middle and the butt. It needs to be fitted better, because it makes it look lumpy :/ Apart from that, it's a beautiful dress and a beautiful colour :)

Miz Von Teese, always looks ravishing. I have a feeling that if this dress was worn by anyone else,  I would hate it! But she really works this dress :)The lace is beautiful, very classy. It reminds me of old hollywood, which is very typical of Ms. Teese red carpet looks.

I'm not a big fan of nude tops. Everytime somewhere wears one I always do a double-take, because I think that person isn't wearing anything. I was surprised at myself that I liked this look, I think it's the combination with the pretty drappy skirt. I'm glad that she wore a necklace on top of the top, because then I'd completly think she wasn't wearing a shirt. My favorite part of the look is the hair, I really like the colour and the soft wavy curls.


  1. They always make fun of Leighton Meester's fashion choices on Fashion Police (E!).

    I'm likin this one though :)

    And that Kylie Minogue dress had potential..but jst the finishing wasn't that gd! The lumps as u said...

  2. Yea, I sometimes don't agree with the Fashion Police on E! sometimes they're only there to "entertain" with the comments. Leighton's choices don't compare with what she wears as Blaire, but they're not all that bad.
    Ou and it's Dannii Minogue not Kylie :P

  3. I'm loving Cheryl Cole's look! The shoes are really fab too :) xoxo


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