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Sunday, November 28, 2010

AUB's Online Collaborative: Blogging Lebanon

AUB's Online Collaborative: Blogging Lebanon:
After its unfortunate cancellation last May due to student protests at the American University of Beirut, AUB's Online Collaborative is announcing the relaunch of AUB's First Lebanese Bloggers Convention, now renamed to Blogging Lebanon.

This event that attracted many bloggers from the Arab and international scene is rescheduled to Friday December 3, 2010 at the American University of Beirut.

The aim of this convention is to gather bloggers from around the region under one roof. The event will include several guest speakers from different backgrounds who will share their experiences and discuss different topics related to blogging and social media, such cultural aspects, privacy issues, importance of blogs, political implications, and dangers etc...

Below is the list of guest speakers we have so far:

The list will be updated with more speakers and the exact time of each session will be posted soon

For more information and inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us at: Meanwhile, join our event page on facebook and help us spread the word by inviting your friends.


  1. nice resource :) xx

  2. Why was it being protested last May??
    Great idea though! Amazing :)

  3. @Charles yup =) btw I tried going on your blog like 10 times last week and there was a problem :s Everything ok now?? =)

    @Maya There was a tuition increase that same week so students held a protest on that day, and you know the Lebanese and their protests... :P
    Because of that only AUB students/staff/faculty were allowed on campus so the convention was canceled.
    This year it shall be awesome though =)


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