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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Ways to Wear Fall Trends When It's too Hot.

When I was growing up in Dubai, I always found the weather funny because it alternated between hot, really hot, and OMG We're gonna die hot. I loved coming back home to Lebanon in winter and seeing all the rain, wearing 10 layers to keep warm and all that winter stuff. It's been a couple of years and I've been living in Beirut again, but I have a feeling I brought the weird weather of Dubai with me. Every year, winter seems to be coming later and is staying for an even shorter while. This year, I have a feeling it won't even come at all! For all those people who thought global warming was a myth, they should really come to Lebanon. It's November, and it's 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit)! The weather has never been this hot since...well, since never. December is approaching but I'm sitting here in shorts and t-shirts.
 Not only am I sick of the summer weather, I'm really sick of my summer clothes! I want to wear my coats, wear beanies, wrap a scarf around my neck, and splash around in my boots. Since the weather won't let me put on my winter clothes, I've decided to make my summer closet fall friendly, and my fall closet more summer weather friendly.  Here's the trick.

8. Light Cardigan.

I love cardigans, they are a staple in my winter closet, and I just love them!!! I've found some really nice light cardigans that could be worn with just any shirt/blouse, they give an outfit the right touch of fall feeling.

7. Add a little Grey!

6. Peep-toe boots, and booties.

Yes, you did read that right. I know many people will be disagreeing with this because of the "If it's cold enough for boots then they shouldn't be peep toe" bla bla bla, and yes I agree with this rule... If the weather was cold, but since it's not. Why not embrace this crazy trend and wear some peep toe booties :D

5. Add a scarf to your outfit.

My suggestion is getting a pashmina. I picked up my love for Pashminas in Dubai, where all the european ladies carry one around with them at all times. This is actually quiet practical because since it's so hot outside all the indoor places have the AC on max. So Pashminas and scarves help keep you warm and stylish at the same time :) If you don't want to get a Pashmina, then go through your winter scarves and pick out ones that aren't so thick and add them on to an outfit. :)
4. Hats and Beanies.


Hats by Nouchalien featuring a fedora hat

Great for bad hair days, and windy days. Make sure that they're not wool or really thick type of materials so your head doesn't get too hot.

3. Vests!

I love wearing vests in winter on top of a plain cardigan, it's really practical for those days when you wake up like half an hour late and run around not knowing what to wear. Just wear a random plain top, whether it's a t-shirt, blouse or cardigan, and add a cute vest. The good thing about a vest is that they can be made of wool or cotton. A cotton one is practical for this weather because obviously cotton is the best that ever happened to clothing materials etc etc. Leather and faux fur can also work. I love leather vests, but I just can't seem to like fur/faux fur (it looks funny to me).
2. Lace
Panelled Lace Trim Smock, $80DOLCE & GABBANA F7736T N000 BLACK VIRGIN WOOL/VISCOSE/COTTON/NYLON..., 509 GBPBlack Lace Ruffle Skirt, 32 GBPFloralPrintedLace Tights, 13 GBPChristian Louboutin Fifi 100 satin and lace pump, $725merald lace ballerina, $326Alexander McQueen Lace pumps, $935Lace accordion wallet, $9.99Lace Bow Bobby Pin, $1.50Lace wide waist belt Black, 15 GBPLace Gauntlet Gloves, $9.

Lace is really in this fall, and I'm loving it. I spotted lot's of pretty lace tops at Stradivarius, Vero Moda, and H&M. Paired up with a black or red jacket, it looks amazing :)

1. Animal Print
It's really in this fall, and it's one of the easiest ways to make an outfit more fall friendly. There are lot's of places that have animal print t-shirts, scarves, bags, shoes, and earrings. In Lebanon, I've found realy nice animal print items are H&M and Zara.

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  1. Great Ideas. I can safely say I incorporate them all! :) Thanks for your lovely compliments. Made me smile! :)


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