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Friday, October 1, 2010

What the EFfriday

I was scrolling through the "what's new" section at Net-a-porter and the words "Mohawk pumps" catch my eye, I look at the picture and voila black suede pumps with the mohawk. I don't like my shoes to be hairy, let alone have a crazy hairstyle. What the EF were they thinking over at YSL!?
Look at all that hair!  YIKES

I'm trying to imagine the shoe without the "hair", it doesn't look that bad...just another pair of plain black pumps (PBP). Sometimes designers succeed with giving classics a makeover, this is not one of those scenarios.

They don't look as horrific on, as they do in other pictures... if only I could take these to the barber.
What do you think??

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