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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Diary: Armenia

I finally got around to downloading most of the pictures of my trip to Armenia on to my pc.
It's then I realized, I take wayy too many pictures! sheesh, between my camera and my mom's camera (which I "borowed" whenever mine ran out of batteries) I took about 1,150 (+?) pics in 15 days.
It's fun being on vacation and taking pictures, but then when you go back home and have to go through all of them and realize you've pretty much taken the same pictures from 21314 different angles and deciding which one is annoying.
Here are a couple of pics which I love :)
Panoramic view of Republic Square, Yerevan.
Lake Sevan
Temple of Karni.
View of a street in Yerevan from a window.
Opera Anoush, at the Yerevan Opera House
Traditional Armenian by the National Dance Ensemble at the Yerevan Opera House.
Keghart church window from the inside.
Me on a tank from Soviet Union times at the Yerevan Military Museum
LV print car I spotted in downtown Yerevan. Damn Armenia loves Louis :P

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