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Friday, October 29, 2010

Zinad Chahine Ctrl+Z Design

I received a message on my facebook linking me to the group of a jewelry line called "Zinab Chahine Ctrl+Z Jewelry Design", since I'm a curious mouse I had to check out what it was.
Handmade jewelry with a modern Lebanese twist!
Jewelry, clothing, tote bags, and purses are all available and all handmade
Everything is very affordable
Custom work is available                                                                     -Official Facebook Page 
After checking out a couple of pics, I really liked what I saw. Some items are a little too much for me, but the rings are amazing. I love how young designers are encorporating old Lebanese themes with modern ones. I really need to get my hands on those rings :D

I was able to get a quick facebook inbox interview (welcome to the 21st century :p) with Zinab herself! Check it out :
Meet Zanib! :)

-When did you start designing jewelry? What inspired you to start designing?
I started making jewelry about two years ago. The whole thing was sort of random, I was taking apart a collage that I did for university, one of the photos was of an old Arab man. For fun I stuck him on a leather cord and wore him when I went out that night. People loved it and were interested where to find them. So from there I slowly started making jewelry.

-Where can people find your pieces? (and do you deliver abroad).

My work is always available directly through me, I love to carry everything with me and meet new people and let them see everything and choose with they like. There is a cute shop in Monot called Luanatic where you can find a large selection of my jewelry. Also, I attend many events around the city to display my work. So pretty much I'm always around! I'm working now with an online boutique, so shortly you can buy online and have delivery.
-What is the prices range of the pieces?

Prices are a main concern of mine. I keep them low because I want them available for everyone! I find it unfair that when something unique catches your eye, you find it comes with a $75 price tag. Fun jewelry should be available to everyone and shouldn't cost a fortune. Rings start at 10,000 LL ($6) and everything ranges from 10,000  - 50,000 L.L. ($6 to $33)

Really love this "Underground" charm bracelet.

Zanib will also be selling her jewelry at the "shi 7elo w shi tayyeb - شي حلو و شي;' event on
02 November · 18:00 - 22:00 at EM Chill, Mar Mekhayel (Beirut, Lebanon) check out the event page for me info.

My favorite is the one that says " I heart New York" in Arabic.  (second row, first column)

The all-seeing eye/hand? and bullet ring!!! <3
Don't forget to join the "Zinad Chahine Ctril+Z Design" group on Facebook!!

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