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Monday, October 18, 2010

And the "Sexiest Shoe of the Year" is...

.... I shall let you think of an answer, because you know's a very tough thing to figure out. Did you guess yet?? No?? Come one, you know this...well at least you know who made it!

The "Sexiest Shoe of the Year", according to a Saks Fifth Avenue and Footwear News contest is the "Maralena" stiletto by Christian Louboutin. Now I don't know about you, but I was definitely not shocked to read that the winning shoe was by Louboutin...[who else would it be by??] but I was shocked to see which one was picked.
I'm not saying the "Maralena" is not a beautiful shoe, it's just not what comes to mind when I think of "the sexiest shoe". I didn't really fall in love with this style of shoes by Louboutin, I think it's the mesh or is that clear plastic?? I don't know, something about that transparent part just makes me feel like it's cheap (although trust me, it's NOT $2,445, to be exact!) They do look better on a foot than in the picture though.

Last week, Saks Fifth Avenue and Footwear News teamed up for a "Sexy Shoes" contest, vetting 22 pairs of Jimmy Choos, Brian Atwoods, Manolo Blahniks and more to decide which ones held the most allure. And the prize, after more than 8,000 shoppers cast their votes, went to these five-inch, Swarovski-encrusted slingback Louboutins.- Glamour

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