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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wishlist: Urban Decay

I recently started getting into make-up, don't give me that look. I've always liked make-up, but I never actually used it that much, but then a friend actually taught be how to apply eyeshadow and everything the "right way" (her words not mine)... I've been more into make-up than before. 
One of my favorite makeup brands is Urban Decay, because they have colours of eyeshadow that other brands don't have and their stuff just have downright fun names. 
So I've made an Urban Decay wish list :)

Vintage Liner Brush $8
Vintage Wonder Brush $7.50
Preen Shadow Box $30
Ammo Plus Eden Primer Set $39
Naked Palette $44
Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner $18
XXX Shine gloss $16

Here are a couple of looks I saw on the website that I really liked, hopefully I'll be able to recreate these looks one day :)


  1. Is the friend Marie? :P
    I really like Sephora Nailpolish names & also HIP has great eye shadow.. just sayin' I'm learning things too. Oh and also, I wanna try Revlon's new "Just Bitten" collection of Lip Stain.. vampire-undertone

  2. lol ente and your vampires :P
    and no the friend is not Marie :P it's a friend from AUB hehe I don't get to see Marie a lot these days, although I saw her last week :)
    I really want to get a $1000 gift card from Sephora and go crazy, but sadly they don't have a store in Lebanon :( I'm stuck with stupid C&F gahhh.


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