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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly Visual Roundup

This is actually last week's visual roundup, I've been trying to upload the pics for 3 days but some error would occur every time. I finally got it up :) Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I love this artwork of the Beatles at Let's Burger, the first stop of the Girls' Night Out. This place is one of my favorite burger places in Beirut, they have a burger bar where you can go crazy and customize as much as you'd like!

Chocolate Martinis, and a "One Love" shake from Chocolate Lounge- to end the girls' night out YUM:)

I went up to Aanjar- a village in the Bekaa Valley- for the weekend with my parents. It's such a cute, relaxing place
I snapped this picture while walking around in a small street in Beirut. It's a bit weird seeing buildings with the all those bullet holes even after all these years that the war's been over.

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