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Sunday, September 19, 2010

From Yerevan With Love

Excuse me for all the typos that migt come up in this post, it's the first time i post from my phone :)

Helloo girlies:):)
I made it to Yerevan and everything is going great :) I wanted to upload a couple of pics of Yerevan and Armenia but the upload thingy doesnt work on my phone apparentlly
I've been here almost a week, and everything is great! Armenia has definitely exceeded my expectations.
It's such a funny feeling going to the country which is technically your motherland, yet at the same time isn't since I was born and raised somewhere else. I feel at home yet as a stranger. My feelings aside, I really liked the country (my views might be a little biased :p). It needs a lot of work though, but it's getting there. In a couple of years I think it will be amazing :)
Anyhoo, I have another week left until I go back to Beirut and uni starts again, so I plan on enjoying every minute of it :)
I hope everyone is doing great, school/uni/work or just life in general :)



  1. aww you are too sweet! enjoy your final week away :)!! xx


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