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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Dressed This Week

I know that it's only Thursday and the week isn't over, thus a "Best Dressed This Week" post is not logical but here's what's happening. I'm traveling :D woohoo, I finally get to get out of the country this summer :D
Because of my travel plans I'm trying to go out with my  friends as much as possible to make up for all the "not going out with friends" for the rest of the month. THUS (yes my current favorite word) I shall be busy.
Which means, I'm going to use the term "week" to refer to the last 7 days. Yes I felt that a change in the calenders was necessary just so I can write this post; you see I've been wanted to do a post like this for a while but I never actually got to making it. (Can you say all talk and no action?)
I shall shut up now and get to the action. I present to you "Best Dressed this Week", and you know what the best part is??? you get to VOTE VOTE VOTE :D

For a better look at each dress, check them out after the jump! >>>>>>

America Ferrera in Black Halo
Yasmine El Masri in Elie Saab

Blake Lively in Marchesa
Gemma Arteton in Gucci
Victoria Beckham in Miu Miu

Elle Fanning in Marc Jacobs

Pace Wu in Versace
Michelle Williams in Jason Wu
Li Bingbing in Guo Pei

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