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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts? Blue

Hello monkeys!
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! I was cleaning up my makeup bag today, and I found some blue eyeshadow that I had bought like 3 years ago but never used. I was planning on playing around with makeup like a little girl anyway, so I gave the blue shadow a try. I mixed it up with some glittery silver and black eyeshadow. At first I thought I'd end up looking like a hoochy,but after some blending...I was quiet pleased with the result, I will definitely use this look the next time I go out at night :)

The photos aren't that great, but they'll give a general idea of what's happening :P
What do you guys think?? Your opinions are greatly appreciated :)


  1. Very pretty! If you do it again I'd try some black eyeliner as well to make your eyes stand out more.

  2. i think that i love it! totally gorgeous + well done. xx


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