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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red Carpet: Teen Choice Awards 2010

The Teen Choice Awards 2010 were held on Sunday, here are some of the red blue-carpet looks.

Naya Rivera in vintage

Naya is one of my Best Dressed Nominees. I adore this dress, the a-line cut is fun and flattering. I'm a not a big fan of the pattern of the dress, but it manages to look nice with the cut and the beaded strapless neckline.
She gets an A.

Nina Dobrev in Alex Perry

I'm not so sure how I feel about this dress, also the expression on Nina's face is not helping me with the decision making. I can't make up my mind if this dress:
1-kinda looks like two dresses had a baby. The top part being a type of underwear-as-outerwear dress. The bottom part belonging to some sort of schizophrenic grey/beige/glitter dress that cut itself?
2-The dress is actually underwear, a little something sexy she picked up for a special night. Which she later spilled glitter on, while trying to clean it up some material got stuck on it. Then her little kid came running in, he had found scissors and did not have mercy on her dress.
On the plus side, um her boobs and hair look great.
She gets a C-

Ashley Green in Valentino

Well hello simple and chic Valentino. You're not the funnest dress out there, but sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.
First of all, the fit of the dress is very flattering. The pattern of the dress may remind me of fancy curtains, but the colour that the patten is in is quiet interesting. I might have preferred a sweetheart neckline, but that's just me... Speaking about the neckline, it's a plain strapless with black outlining design. I like the black, but is it just me or does it kinda look unbalanced on the left booby. It might just be the angle of the photo though.
She gets an A-

Kim Kardashian in Zuhair Murad

Kim always looks sexy and stylish on the red carpet, and this dress certainly is sexy and stylish. Although black-on-black is usually boring, this did not bore me, Kimmy definitely pulled it off.
I love the one shouldered look with the detail on the shoulder. But the scrunched up bottom part of the dress is ruining it a bit for me. It might be the angle of her pose, but it is not flattering.
My favorite part of this look is the hair, I love the sleeked back ponytail, so sexy.
She gets a B+


Kristen Bell in Stella McCartney

I don't know why, but this dress reminds me of the teacup ride at Disney Land. I think it's that little um, orange/red skirt thing on top of the dress.  The thing is I think this would have been a beautiful dress if the sheer dress didn't eat the cute nude and red/orange dress. I'm not saying that this, er, combo dress is ugly...I'm just saying it would have been prettier if the orange/red sheer dress wasn't hungry.
She gets a B-

Lea Michelle in Naeem Khan

On every website that I saw Lea Michele's look in, everyone kept saying how fantastic she looks. Um....
The dress, I really like it the green and nude look great together. The fit and the neckline are good too.
 But why the heck am I reminded of a badly photoshoped Ralph Lauren ad when I look at this picture? I'm not making fun of her (or at the thin folks), but she looks scary small :S The optical illusion stripes of the dress aren't helping the matter, they make her seem even smaller.
She gets a B+

Jayma Mays in Mandalay

I'm not a big fan of yellow dresses, but when you're on a blue-carpet i think they're great because the contrast against the blue is pretty.
On to the dress, I really like it. It's very simple and elegant but also fun.
I like the thin belt, it's a great detail. Reminds me of some of Dior's pretty dresses.
Jayma Mays is smiling, because she knows she's one of my Best Dressed Nominees.
She gets an A-

Megan Fox in Isabel Marant Skirt

Well this certainly is different. Instead of wearing a dress, Fox paired a metallic Isabel Marant skirt with a blue and white blouse. I really don't know where to begin...
The items aren't ugly, but the combination is just not right.
 If that blouse was paired with a white pencil skirt or nicely-fitted white pants it would be a great outfit.
Or if the skirt was paired with a plain top, something without a distracting pattern, it would be very pretty.
Plus with her hair down, and her face kinda scaring me (is that botox?) I feel uncomfortable with her look.
She gets a D+
Leighton Meester in Emilio Pucci

Leighton Meester always looks lovely on the redcarpet. I remember last year she was my favorite at the Teen Choice Awards  2009. This year...not so much.
First of all, what is up with all that white. I get it it's summer and white dresses are perfect, but NOT that white dress. It looks like something Ronald Weasley's aunt would wear.
I usually like the longsleeve/mini dresses, but not this dress. The fit is all wrong, it looks a little baggy which makes her look weird.
She gets a C-

Selena Gomez in BCBG Max Azria

No this is a white dress done right. Selena looks beautiful. I really like her makeup and the hair. The dress is definitely interesting with the cut-out sleeves. I like it.
She gets an A-

Katerina Graham in Jeremy Scott

Someone was having fun with the bedazzler! I can't decide if I hate the bedazzling or really like it. I will agree that it spices up the otherwise boring black dress.
She paired the dress with some winter appropriate over the knee black leather boots. I'm a fan of the boots, but not with the dress and definitely NOT in August.
The hair is interesting, not "wow" or anything but not "ekh" either. I will give it to her for being a little different though. Speaking of different I really like her pink lipstick! Oh and that crazy big ring 0.0
She gets a B-

Cat Deely in Preen

Deely wore a pretty white Preen dress. I think she looks pretty. I like the Asymmetric strap if spiced up the slightly boring white dress. I wish she had her hair up so the neckline would have been more visible. 
 Does the dress have pockets or are those just random puffs? for her sake I'm hoping they're pockets, because I hate random puffs.
She gets a B.

Lucy Hale in Paul Ka- Ruthie Davis

Now this is an interesting dress. I really want to zoom in and get a better look at the details of the top. I really like this dress, it's not the normal LBD it's quiet different. I'm not a big fan of that belt with the gold buckle, it reminds me of how when I was a kid I borrowed my dad's belt one time (cz I was too cool to have belts for myself). My dad's belt was a thinner version of this belt here.
Back from memory lane... guess who's a Best Dressed Nominee!
She gets an A.

Emma Roberts in Brian Reyes

Emma Roberts, I don't like you with black hair. It makes you look funny. It also highlights your dress's funny colour. The dress is actually a very pretty dress, but it's just clashing with her skin tone. It is a lose-lose situation. I think a pretty pink, red, purple or even a different shade of green would have been perfect. Also I really hate her shoes. I never liked the booties paired with cute little dresses and this certainly reminded why I feel that way.
She gets a C.

Hilary Duff in Hevre Leger

Hevre Leger dresses are all over the place these days. Everyone and my neighbor's cat is wearing the sexy bandage dresses. I love the Hevre Leger dresses, they're the perfect "look how hot I am" dress. But I have to admit, I'm a little bored from seeing them at every red-carpet.
This shade of the dress, looks really good on Hilary. But I really don't like the chained necklace. I'm also not a fan of the bird's nest bun.
She gets a B.

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