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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Focus: Shoes at the Teen Choice Awards

 The footwear at the Teen Choice Awards was fun, different and "risque", more so that normal red carpets. I actually found them to be much more interesting that the dresses and hair. I felt they deserved a post all to themself.

Well these are certainly one of the most interesting
 looking Christian Louboutin's I've seen yet.
Who would have thought, pom poms on white heels.
I generally HATE white shoes, and meshy materials on shoes.
But I don't hate this shoe, there's just something about it.
Maybe it's the glittered back, or that pretty platform.
I think they look much better on, than they do in the pic on the right.
I told you that the shoes were much more than the dresses.
 Here's what I'm talking about.
I don't like this shoe per say, but I like the nude colour.
It's kinda nice seeing different versions of this summer's trend.
They wouldn't have been my choice for this dress, but they surprisingly look good.
Duff's dress might have been boring, but those shoes almost make up for it.
She gets credit for being able to walk in those, that sttileto is scary thin!
Can't go wrong with Louboutin's

I didn't like the shoes much when I saw them on the carpet,
but once I got a better look at them I grew to like them.
Well, as much as I'll ever like brownish-glittery heels.
I really do like the ankle wrap and the peep toe.
 But I'd really like to have a better look at the front of the shoe.

Probably the most bad-ass shoes of the night.
It might look like any other bootie from the front,
 but once you check out the back
 you'll see that this is far from ordinary.
I'm lovin the spikes, zipper and glitter !


It must have been fun walking in these heels, feeling 10 ft. tall.
Very simple black pumps, that are really pumped up.
I like it with the dress, sexy and simple.
Probably the most boring shoe of the night.
Simple black peep toe, who would have thought.
It's a classic shoe, so I can't be mean to it, plus it works with the dress.

I have a new found respect for Ruthie Davis shoes.
They are on fiyyaa (yes I had to go there).
I love classics with a twist, and this is definitely a fun twist.
The simple crystals on the heel spice up the shoe.

Black leater over the knee boots worn at a red carpet in summer.
I don't even care that they're pretty black boots.
Let alone the fact that I would have loved these in winter.
But for heaven's sake it's summer,
your boots should be locked up in the back of your closet!
I apologize for the black on black, but I couldn't find an eggplant version so voila.
Now these are Louboutin's that I know and love.
I love the colour, the shape, the peep toe, and well..pretty much everything about it.
BUT I did not really like this colour with the outfit,
plus Megan's toes were sticking out from the front all weird.
Another size and colour, and it would have been perfect.
I liked the wedges with Lea's outfit. I love wedges in neutral colours,
and the design of these Dior wedges were very pretty.
But then I saw the official photo from the runway, and I got a little scared.
Grandpa's socks with those wedges??? seriously???
I'll stick to no socks like Lea, thank you very much.
My favorite nude sandles of the day, Katie Lee by Brian Atwood.
Clear plastic on shoes always reminds me of hooker shoes or any other tacky shoe.
But the half clear strap looks very classy, especially with the nude version that Kristen wore.
It blends great with her skintone.
I think I've mentioned a million times how I hate booties with short dresses.
These booties are what I'm talking about.
When I saw these, I thought they looked funny.
Something about that curved heel just didn't feel right to me.
Certainly the wrong choice for that dress,
but then again what the heck goes with that color?
Pretty strappy sandals with very suttle animal print.
The pic on the right, it looks a smidge tacky but on Keke they looked great!
I really like the glitter with the animal print.


  1. I heard Kim was wearing Zuhair Mrad! =)

    Awesome recap Aline!

  2. Ou yes she was, a black one shouldered dress.
    I found a decent pic after I had the post up, I'll update it soon :)


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