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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wanted: Broklee Flat

Remember how I wanted peep toe flats?? Well the "want" is not gone yet, I'm seriously looking for a cute pair... too bad everything I find is online and no one ships to Lebanon (and if they did they charge like quadruple the amount of the item for shipping) so I'm limited to online stores that actually have a store here. Anyhow, I shall stop talking about my online shopping need.
I found another peep toe flat to obsess, it's also a sling back which is usually not my thing (I can never find the perfect fit) but these Betsey Johnson Brooklee Flats are just too darn cute.Added bonus: NAUTICAL STYLE :D Just look at that cute little anchor on that button, also it's on sale :)

Brooklee Flat - Betseyville


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  1. cute sandal... i like it too.. anyway please do visit my blog too and follow if you like it.. have a nice day :) thanks


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