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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tale of John and the Tweed bag.

         John was a poor farmer, who lived in a remote village, he hating farming and dreamed of one day spending his life making handbags. He had seen beautiful bags on television, and on the arms of the wives of the rich merchants. His favorite brand was Chanel. He was quiet the talented craftsman, for he had made a beautiful purse for his wife Gwenda for their 1st anniversary.

        One day, he decided to make a bag that was similar to the classic Chanel bag that he loved, but his resources were limited, and he could not afford leather. He contemplated on what material to use and realised that he could only afford to use tweed. After he created the bag out of tweed, he realised it looked very dull and needed some colour.  He tried to use leaves and flowers, but they would dry up and lose their vibrant colors. He had to find something else to brighten up the bag. 
       That night while he lay in bed, he kept trying to think of the appropriate element to add to the bag. That was when it came to him; he needed a ribbon or some form of cloth! He remembered a gift that his wife had received from her rich cousin who lived in the city, a beautiful silk blouse. The village life never gave the opportunity for Gwenda to wear went the blouse, so he decided to use it. He sneaked out of bed and stole his wife's blouse. He ran to his little shed, where he cut it up and stitched it along the borders of the bag. "Perfect", he thought. As he looked down at his creation, he felt that  something was missing.

       The following morning was a Sunday, where the weekly Sunday Fair took place at the public square. While walking around the village fair, he saw a man selling knockoff bags of famous designers, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, you name it, he had it. He asked the vendor if he had any Chanel bags, the man nodded. John bargained and got the little broach of the Channel logo off of one of the little purses. He had found the last piece to his puzzle. He ran home to his shed and attached it to the tweed bag. He smiled. Voila, his masterpiece was complete.

This is the only logical explanation that I can think of, that explains the existence of this bag...
Karl Lagerfeld, how could you let John make this bag and claim that it was Chanel and ask £2325 for it???


  1. lol that chanel bag is popping up everywhere! it's just begging for a DIY, in my opinion...

  2. It's nice to look at, but it doesn't look comfortable to carry around. :D

    x Krizia

  3. If it's a clutch, all I can say is ouch.


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