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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday's Nerd Moment: Men in Frames

Josh Hartnett

It takes a real man to pull off a frame like that, and Hartnett's done it.

Chace Crawford

Although not a real 4 eye (I think?), Crawford put on some frames for a recent photo shoot for Esquire UK . I have to say, he looks great.

Collin Farrall

Tempers and bad boy rep aside, he looks super sexy in frames.

James Franco

There are better pictures of him in frames, but I like the "everyday" feel of this pic. Franco; hot, charming, smart, sexy, and down to earl. Gotta love him!
Robert Buckley

Hotty with a body (and sexy frames)!

Johnny Depp,

I don't think I need to comment on this one ;)

Gary Oldman

My all time favorite! I don't care how old he is, I think he's brilliant and super sexy. AND he plays my favorite character in the fiction world (Sirius Black) .

Happy Saturday :D


  1. I looooove Johnny Depp, he's gorgeous. James Franco is also pretty cute.

  2. That Colin Farrell...Oh that Colin Farrell...
    I dont think i cud ever get over this guy!
    Looks so gd in glasses!

  3. @lilmissloz hehe exactly why I didn't comment on Depp :P

    @guymeetsworld couldn't have put it better myself :P

  4. i love da j depp pic it make me all warm and fuzzy inside, every time isee that pic


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