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Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Carpet: Inception Premiere

Annalynne McCord
in Alice + Olivia dress, a Lia Sophia bracelet and Christian Louboutin booties.

My favorite part of this look is the hair, I simply love it. On to the outfit the drapy look is great on her body, while it would make me look like an actual curtain (rolled up in a ball and thrown in the laundry), Annalynne looks very cute. Nothing "wow" though, well except the yellow pedi. Now that, Alien likes :) And is it just me or do her legs look spantabulous?

Ellen Page

in Yigal Azrouel .

I believe it's the first time I hear of this designer, or my memory just sucks. My money's on the latter. Ellen looks beautiful in this dress, I love this shade of green with her skin tone. She looks young and fun, the dress fit her great. Although I'm not a bit fan of the neckline. Also if I was her, I'd go with different shoes. What do you think?

in Helmut Lang

Now this designer for sure, I've heard of for the first time. I like the dress, as far as grey dresses go... But I have to say I don't like the dress on her, she's too young to wear something like that. Maybe it's the picture just being weird, and the angle and all that jazz. But I'm not feeling it. Nice shoes though!

Marion Cotillard

in a silk jacquard L'Wen Scott

Marion Cottilard 99.99% looks elegant, lovely and she's always smiling. I don't know about you monkeys, but I really really really appreciate smiles on the red carpet (Yes K-Stew I'm talking to you). A smile is the best accessory, and when I see that you're having fun in your dress, I'll sorta like the dress even if it's ugly. This L'Wen Scott dress is far from ugly, it's a very figure flattering dress and Marion looks like she's having fun (SEE?). I would have liked it better if it was slightly shorter, I'm biased against dresses that have that length (awkward: long but short, short but long. Kinda like that awkward stage when you were 12-14 *flashback*AH). I like the pattern of the dress, and I can only imagine what it would feel like. The final element, the shoes! Peep toes, can't go wrong with them.

in black lace Dior and nude Jimmy Choos

The hair looks funny, maybe it's the pic (gah why couldn't I be there and see if up close!?) but the "Puff" in the front looks funny... kinda looks like Snooki and K-Stew's hair had a love child and it was this hairstyle. On a positive note, the dress...LOVE IT! Sweetheart neckline, my ultimate favorite neckline. Lace, done right looks beautiful! The little bow in the middle, so cute, perfect touch to the dress. Nude cut out booties would probably have been my last choice for this dress, while they don't look horrible (partially because I can't see them) I would have like this better with some Christian Louboutins (I don't care what kind, but to me this dress just screams LOUBOUTIN!)

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