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Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Carpet: Hills Finale

Audrina Patridge in Boulee, Brian Atwood peep toes, Jacobs & co. jewelry and Alexander McQueen clutch.

Um where to begin! I have one nice thing to say to this dress and that's "nice colour", apart from that the compliments stop and the insults begin. What is that neckline? I'm kinda reminded of a sports bra put on at a weird angle and then cut and attachedto a shrunken halter top and then attached to this dress. As if that wasn't bad enough, they go and slash the dress a bit under the right boobie. It's just wrong wrong wrong wrong. It would have been a fine (maybe boring, but who cares) dress if it was just a plain tank dress or a strapless or something! Not that! The fit is great bracelet and down. You gotta give it to Audrina, she has a bangin bod (did I just say bangin?). I think the only thing that's right about this look are the accessories (shoes, clutch and bling bling bracelet). Don't get me started on the hair, you know what since I brought it up... I can see what her hair stylist was picturing when he did her hair (cute curls, slightly like the oldies hair but still young and fresh), too bad it didn't stay right and looks all weird. blukh

Kristen cavallari in Zuhair Murad

I smile every time I see a celebrity wearing a Lebanese designer, I have this moment when I'm super duper proud to be Lebanese and I'm all "Booyaa we have pretty dresses!!!". I'm really liking this Zuhair Murad dress, it has a very original asymmetric one shoulder strap (what a mouthful!). I like the whitish/silverish sparkle on the nude.

Whiteny Port

in some designer and Jimmy Choo gladiators.
I love colours, it's crazyhow much I love colours. It's very hard for me to hate a colourful dress (very hard, even if the Fashion Police hate it.. I'll love the fact that said person wore such a colourful dress). Whitney Port's dress (I really don't know who designed it) is an exception to my colourful dress rule. The only thing i like about the dress, is the V-neck. Everything else just looks like a rainbow threw up on a curtain and then it was just randomly stitched together. Blukh, I hate the pattern of the dress, and then mid section (it would have been better if it flowed rather than have a cut out beltish looking thing) and the bottom of the dress. is that called a bubble bottom? well i don't like it (and it doesn't like me back so the feeling is mutual). This would have been a far greater disaster if Whitney hadn't been so tall, her long legs really make this look slightly bearable. And the turquoise Jimmy Choo's, they're cute... but completly don't go with that hideous dress.
Lauren Conrad in Mandalay Aldo pumps.

Saving the best for last, is Miss Conrad. I don't care what people think, I LOVE THE DRESS! I love long sleeved mini dresses, I think they're super sexy. I love the gold on the khaki green, part of that military inspired trend that's big right now. I love the fact that she wore shoes from ALDO :D (although they do look very Brian Atwoody. I love her hair pulled back, you know a girl's got it when she can rock a ponytail and look super cute. Finally, the smile and i don't even care that it's a fake smile. I'll forgive LC for that.

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