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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Carpet: amfAR Life Ball in Vienna

"   THE Gothic splendour of Vienna played host to the amfAR Life Ball on Saturday night, where Diane Von Furstenberg, Kenneth Cole and Francisco Costa leant their designing talent to the Aids charity.

Guests including Dita Von Teese, Rebecca Romjin, Boris Becker, Patti LaBelle and Nastassja Kinski were wined and dined at the Austrian Parliament, where Bill Clinton addressed the audience about Aids and the Haiti crisis and a charity auction was held to raise money for amfAR. A Louis Vuitton vanity case was up for grabs alongside three Minis that had been designed by Von Furstenberg, Cole and Costa."
Julia Neel for Vogue UK online

 Dita Von Teese in Elie Saab

Ms. Von Teese looking as elegant as always, and remember that feeling I mentioned about Lebanese designers? Well Elie Saab managed to make me have those feelings. I love how yellow gowns contrast on the red carpet. I love the details and the material of the dress. I can actually picture seamstresses making this outfit hehe, kinda like Cinderella minus the animals :P
Dita gets an A from Alien

Rebeca Romijn

Glittery red... hmmm... I don't know how I feel about you. I think I would like you around Christmas, not so sure I like you in summer. I'll let it slide since you're at a AIDS it might make sense. I'm definitely not a fan on how you make Rebeca's boobies look weird, but apart from that you make her look glamorous. Red glittery dress I'll give you a B

Lydia Hearst in Dolce &Gabbana

Well isn't that just a fun dress. When I was a little girl, I refused to wear dresses that wouldn't spin around when I spun around. This dress reminds me of what little me liked. I'm not a big fan of that colour, although it looks amazing with her pale skin. I also like the black tulle under, it gives it a Gothic/fantasy feeling which I'm diggin.. what do you think?? I'm thinking I need to see a pic of her not spinning around, but since I can't find one... and since she is wearing very cute Louboutin's... She gets a B.

Diane Von Furstenburg in the mini cooper she designed.
Whoopi Goldberg performed during the ball.

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