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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nails of the Week: Green with Envy

My best friend Shoush and I were out yesterday to watch the Netherlands vs. Uruguay game. We originally planned to watch it at this place in Down Town Beirut called Silver, but apparently they were fully booked for like a year so we decided to go somewhere else. While we were waiting for our ride, I picked up a new nail polish and tried it on when I got home.

It's Sally Hansen Xtreme wear 02 Green with envy.

[ my Apple ring I got from Claire's 3 years ago, I love it :D]

The colour in the bottle was exactly the colour I got on my nails, which is usually hard with green nail polish(and other weird colored nail polish). With 1 coat, the color was acceptable but I'm a little prissy and like my nail polish to be super bright and smooth... so I applied another coat. Now I'm just going to wait and see when it's going to chip :)

[yum Almaza "mexican" beer]

Shoush and I ended up in Petit Cafe in Antelias, I'd never been there. It's a pretty place, it has a weird "we're posh and smoke hookah" attitude which I don't appreciate. They had a very yummy Club Sandwich though (i feel like one now). The service was OK, but very slow because of the World Cup.

[no comment hehe]

On a brighter and more orange note, the NETHERLANDS WON :D

ps. Germany vs. Spain tonight, SO nervous. Who are you with ??? :)

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